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BDD Construction Co. LLC was born in March of 1994 from the passion of owners Bruce and Pam Kwekel. This passion began with the construction of a few small homes in the Cedar Springs, Michigan, area. Bruce and Pam applied a few simple values into their newly formed business and good things began to happen.

These values include:

      Treating customers with the highest respect

      Extremely high quality design and construction

      Excellent trim work

      Working with only the best employees and sub-contractors

      Good, old-fashioned hard work

At this point in time, with God’s blessing and guidance, nothing could stop the growth of BDD Construction. Soon the opportunity to work in this growing, value-centered business lured two very talented and competent individuals, sons Dan and Dave. Sharing the same values as their parents, they immediately began to take BDD Construction to new heights with their excellent design and trim work skills.

Bruce, Pam, Dan, and Dave are wonderful business associates, but first and foremost, they are FAMILY!

Their values are the major reason that BDD Construction Co. LLC has never had one slow period in all their years, and this close-knit family structure is the reason they expect to stay that way.

We hope that you choose to be a part of our extended family of happy BDD Customers! We are eager to begin work with you to transform your dream project into a beautiful reality.



New Construction

BDD will use your design or start from scratch to design a new house that you can proudly call a home. Our staff of highly qualified individuals all share one thing in common - the love of building. From the laying of the foundation, to landscaping, to putting the finishing accents on a home's interior, no detail is overlooked or glossed over.

Remodel + Additions

Don't move! Improve! In addition to new home construction, BDD also specializes in remodeling, additions, decks, sunrooms, new kitchens, or bathrooms. Let us transform your space into a place better fit for you and your needs!

Commercial New, Additions, or Buildouts

We work with property managers that need to remodel or change their office building for a new client lease. What a difference this can make for leasing. Do you have a business that has been expanding but the building has not? Give us a call and we would love to give you a quote on adding on or building a new building for your growing business. We have experience in building on an addition to a church building, car repair shops, and all types of buildouts. Or do you have adult toys that need a garage for protection? It is very encouraging when we can help a prosperous business grow.


Yes, our animals need a place to sleep and a place for protection. We can build just the right size pole building for your needs!

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5555 15 Mile Rd. NE Cedar Springs, MI 49319


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